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The American Colonists War for Freedom Essay - 587 Words

The years of 1763-1765 were truly defining moments for colonist of the colonies, soon to become the United States of America. ‘’War! War! This is the only way!† American Colonist shouted,as they took to the streets proclaiming defiance of British rule. â€Å"We as a people shall fight for our freedom and have victory.No more shall we continue to let others control our countries and give our money to a monarch who has no concern for our right’s, dedication that was put forth to help fight and respect us as loyal subjects.We must fight for our freedom!† When American colonist waged war it proved to be the only way for the colonies to become free from Britian. In turn, the colonist were justified in breaking away from England because of: The†¦show more content†¦Second theTownsend Act gave the British the right to tax the colonies. This was truly unfair as it states in document 2 by John Dickenson a letter from a farmer in Pennsylvania â€Å"t he Townsend Acts, were placed not for regulation of but, for the single purpose of leving money upon us. â€Å" Colonist did not want to live under such strict leadership as though they were still in England.Colonist had come such a long way to start a new life only to be put under total monarchy by a country that did not represent them well. Third freedom was what the colonist longed for. The Colonist help fight the seven year war and was under the impression that they were helping a country who had there back, only to find that the country was against their growth as a nation. As it is stated in document 4 the journal of Nicholas Cresswell 1774-1777, â€Å"The New Englanders by their canting,whining,insinuating tricks have persuaded the rest of the colonies that the government was going to make absolute slaves out of them.† The colonist had no other choice but to go to war and fight for their freedom. In summary the Colonist were a very strong group of people ready for a new life and the freedom to discover a new world innew territories made availabel to them through the battle and defeat of the French andShow MoreRelatedThe Unjust American Freedom1447 Words   |  6 PagesThe Unjust Freedom The way the Americans gained independence may not be as valiant as it seems. The war lacked just war criteria despite many arguments. The idea was foolish and unnecessary and proved the lack of development amongst this young territory. Many factors lead to this premature uprising and the French and Indian War is a great reason for most of those factors. The decision by the American colonists to revolt against British rule was premature and overly aggressive. The American plea forRead MoreThe Impact of the French and Indian War on Colonial America1065 Words   |  5 Pages History 121 The Impact of the French and Indian War on Colonial America The French and Indian war was fought between Great Britain and France from 1754 to 1763. Also known as the Seven Year’s War, this confrontation eventually erupted into an all out worldwide conflict. Its effects were not only immediate but long term. Although the colonies were not directly tied to the war, it greatly impacted them as well as modern America. The war was primarily fought along the colonies separating NewRead MoreFrench and Indian War: Relationship between America and Britain945 Words   |  4 Pagesand Indian War created an unbalanced relationship between Britain and the British colonies. The victory allowed Britain to expand their territory, but also brought Britain in great debt. Britain believed that Parliament should have more authority over the colonists and so they put in Acts to enforce their rules. The many different Acts created resentment throughout the colonies towards their mother country. The French and Indian War also had the effect on the colonies and the colonists because theyRead MoreMovie Review : Movie Analysis Of The Movie The Patriot853 Words   |  4 Pagesfight for this freedom and get the land back from the foreign? This is called land colonization. It is not fair for the other people who don’t have any land at all. In the movie, â€Å"The Patriot†, the setting took place during the Revolutionary War, or the American Revolution, in South Carolina during the late 1770’s. The British were fighting the colonists at that time and one major character in the movie, named Benjamin Martin, fought during the American Revolution. Later, the Americans won their independenceRead MoreThinking Through the Past, Ch. 4 Essay1450 Words   |  6 PagesThe American Revolutionary war began in-part because of economic struggles England faced after securing safety for it’s colonies during the Seven Years War. England needed to increase their taxation on the colonists after the war to pay off its war debts. Prior to these taxes, the colonies were wholly content while under the wing of the British Empire. Not only because the protection the British provided, but also because of their deep reverence for the Motherland. Colonists were angered by withRead MoreThe American Revolution Can be Blamed on Enland Essay1213 Words   |  5 PagesPrior to the Revolutionary War, du ring the 1760s, the contradicting opinions among the colonists living in England’s thirteen colonies separated them into two major groups, those loyal to the king and to Great Britain and those patriotic to colonial America. While the loyalists were content to be English subjects and wanted to remain under the protection of England, the patriots felt that it was essential that the colonies obtain their liberty from England. Some colonists were strongly opinionatedRead MoreThe American Revolution Of America1418 Words   |  6 Pages Introduction The American Revolution was when we break away from the British government and formed our own country. Our country had fought with the strongest nation on the whole until earth back in the 1700s. The Patriots fought and work hard for their freedom and the United states of America. In this book, you will be learning about taxes, important people, battles and women and more in the American Revolution war. Chapter 1 Lives in the thirteen colonies In 1700s, our country was not calledRead MoreA Letter to Abigail by John Adams, 897 Words   |  4 Pagesreflecting on the cost of war, stated, â€Å"Posterity, you will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in heaven that ever I took half the pains to preserve it† (The American Revolution, 2014). Although there were dozens of events that led to the revolution, it was freedom from British rule the colonists wanted; however, there would be a high price paid for that freedom. Despite the loss of lifeRead MoreThe American Revolution Revolutionary Revolution1329 Words   |  6 Pagesthe American Revolution was fought over liberty and freedom. It was a movement marked by action which upset the political order of the eighteenth century. However, if all the American Revolution achieved was breaking the yoke of empirical control its lasting importance would have been lost among st the scores of colonial revolutions that came before it, such as the Dutch’s break from the Spanish or the Corsicans overthrow of the Genoese. Influenced by the period of enlightenment, the American RevolutionRead MoreEssay about How did King George III lose his 13 American Colonies?1038 Words   |  5 Pagescause of the American Revolutionary War was the taxes imposed on the colonies by Britain. If a closer look is taken at the history of the Americas, however, it is easy to see that idea of freedom had been pulsing through the colonies for years. Just how did His Majesty King George III lose his American colonies? The answer is a chain of events stringing from the French and Indian war to the day George Washington handed over his troops to the Continental Congress, officially ending the War for Independence

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Summary Of If You Give A Mouse A Muffin - 980 Words

1. Running Records- Starting on my third visit I started to keep running records of Jimmy’s reading. I collected three samples of his reading to be able to really asses his reading using miscue analysis and his CWPM (correct words per minute) and his WPM (words per minute). The first book that Jimmy selected was an AR book that was titled â€Å"War of the Worlds†. Based off of the AR guidelines it was a 3.2 reading level. This means third grade second six weeks. The next two samples were from a book that I selected. That book was titled â€Å"If You Give a Mouse a Muffin†. The AR reading level for this book was 2.4 which means second grade 4th six weeks. You will notice that the reading level of these books jumps drastically I did this because he struggled with the book that he selected that was at a higher level. This hurt his fluency, CWPM, WPM, and comprehension. I will discuss each of these in detail in different sections. One of my suggestions is that he work on books at a low er level to really build a prior knowledge in vocabulary, work on fluency, and his CWPM, and WPM which the running records show. First Passage 209 Words in passage 60 Total Miscues 52 Total Acceptability Miscues (Doesn’t change the meaning of word) 34.74 WPM; 24.76 CWPM Second Passage 306 Total Words 46 Total Miscues 39 Total Acceptability Miscues 40.62 WPM; 34.51 CWPM Third PassageShow MoreRelatedEntrepreneurship: Venture Capital and International Information Programs12997 Words   |  52 Pagesfancy shop selling only French pastries. But customers wanted to buy muffins as well. Rather than risking the loss of these customers, the entrepreneur modified her vision to accommodate these needs. †¢ Leadership is the ability to create rules and to set goals. It is the capacity to follow through to see that rules are followed and goals are accomplished. †¢ Passion is what gets entrepreneurs started and keeps them there. It gives entrepreneurs the ability to convince others to believe in their visionRead MoreMarketing Management 14th Edition Test Bank Kotler Test Bank173911 Words   |  696 Pagesthinking Difficulty: Easy 120) Marketing has been described as being both an art and a science. Discuss the differences and similarities between these two marketing thrusts. Provide your theoretical response and a real-life example where you have seen both processes work effectively at creating customer value and loyalty. Answer: The student should demonstrate his or her understanding that the marketer must use data to understand customer needs and translate this understanding into properly

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School Violence Bullying, Weapons, And Threats - 2314 Words

Although parents send their child to school every day to learn, they often come across school violence dealing with bullying, weapons, and threats. School violence has become a serious problem in recent decades throughout many countries. It deals with violence between not only school students, but also attacks by students on school staff. It all began with the Pontiac Rebellion of July 1764. 1927 Andrew Kehoe set bombs off at school in Bath, Michigan. In 1959, Paul Orgeron set off a bomb at a playground in Texas that killed himself alongside teachers and students. Within the time period of the early 1900s until present day the Federal Bureau of Investigation had recorded 272 school violence incidents. (History on School Violence) Violence in school takes many forms and includes, raping, bullying, stealing, harming and killing other students or members of staff. Side effects of school violence after often negative not only does it run the school atmosphere, but it also creates a distraction to students and their concentration. Violence is not something that students see themselves having to deal with at school students who involveShow MoreRelatedSchool Violence Has Become An Issue For Education Establishments For Centuries988 Words   |  4 Pages School violence has become an issue for education establishments for centuries. Many would easily blame the parenting of the child or believing they come from problem homes; evidently those statements are false. School violence has been known to be caused by many factors such as: the handling of concealed weapons on school property and the dangers it brings to that environment. There is also Cyberbullying from internet websites such as social media, emails, blogging, and text messages that couldRead MorePublic Schools Have Improved Their Safety Protocols1299 Words   |  6 PagesOn April 20, 1999, two teenaged boys opened fire at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, killing 13 students and wounding more than 20 others before ending their lives later that day. This crime was the worst school shooting in the 20th century and it has drastically changed the ways our schools operate. Although schools today are still not 100% safe and have had a few incidents in the past 10 years, we are slowly evolving and becoming better each year. Because of the Columbine massacreRead More Dangers Involved with School Bullying Essay858 Words   |  4 PagesSchool Bullying School is the primary place where children spend their day with peers. As social and economic status plays a big part in the behavior of children. In early child hood income can effects the child’s academic level and behavioral problems later. By the time a child reaches middle school income levels do not influence negative behavior. But when the child reaches high school they could be teased for how the dress because they may not have nice clothes like other kids, or simply chooseRead MoreSchool Administrator Acting An Ethical And Fair Manner895 Words   |  4 Pagesto address an issue related to a school administrator acting in an ethical and fair manner. For the sake of maintaining confidentiality in this report, I will use a false name for the school administrator. I will also use a false school district. However, the policies outlined in the report are directly from the state and school district. Interview On Monday, February 29, 2016, I interviewed Dr. K. Wallace, District Administrator for Millbrook Public School District. The interview was on theRead MoreSchool Violence Throughout The United States1233 Words   |  5 PagesExecutive Summary School violence in the U.S. Violence in the form of school shooting has become more common in recent years. Violence occurs in both inner city and small, suburban schools. Some of the devastating effects of school violence have been reported by media sources, and the school as an educational institution is compromised when students no longer feel comfortable or safe there. School violence affected about 1.2 million students in the U.S. According to Law Library, the frequency andRead MoreHigh Schools And School Schools1364 Words   |  6 PagesColumbine, Sandy Hook, and the UT Tower shooting are just a few examples of the terror parents, teachers, and students face today. More and more massacres and threats are affecting our schools on a daily basis. No one should fear to receive an education and certainly no parent should fear their child entering the doors of an elementary school. What can we do to prevent these tragedies from happening again? How can we strip the worry from the me n, women and children involved in our educational systemsRead MoreThe Issue Of Disciplinary Infractions For High School Students805 Words   |  4 PagesAdministrator for Jefferson County Public School District. The interview was on the topic of ethical fairness in education. Dr. Wallace discussed the issue of disciplinary infractions for high school students. He pointed out that bullying and acts of violence are becoming a major problem for administrators. According to Dr. Wallace, administrators must learn how to strike a balance in respecting the rights of children and eradicating acts of bullying and violence. According to Dr. Wallace, two studentsRead MoreZero Tolerance Policies in American Schools Essay874 Words   |  4 PagesIn all grades of education, from kindergarten to college, there is a form of discipline known as a zero tolerance policy. While the exact wording is different from school to school, basically a zero tolerance policy means that a student is immediately suspended, asked to attend an alternative school, or expelled if they are suspected or caught doing certain things. These policies are in place to hopefully deter students from doing drugs or being violent, but the ethics behind them are questionableRead MoreHow Laws Towards Violence And Schools Should Be Conceived? A Way That Will Implement Strategies And Methods Essay1321 Words   |  6 Pagesoccurring within the school setting. Due to this increase, laws have been enacted in order help minimally alleviate and help respond to the violence that occurs within schools. However, violent events within the schools is st ill a major problem encountered by educators, administrators, parents, and students. The common acts of violence that occur range from simple threats all the way to mass shootings and suicide. Unfortunately, the current laws simply cover acts of violence only when and/or afterRead MoreMass Shootings In America Essay1327 Words   |  6 PagesBay Resort, he committed suicide. His name was Stephan Paddock (Yan and Park). When most people think of a mass shooting, they think of a terroristic act or someone shooting at a large group of innocent citizens, like Columbine High School or Sandy Hook Elementary School. In actuality, most people do not realize that whenever two or more people are injured or killed by a gun, it is considered a mass shooting. These â€Å"mass shootings† happen every day in America and they are one of the leading causes

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Reality Television Has A Negative Effect On Teenage Girls

Reality Television is a relatively new phenomenon that has exploded over the last several years. Whether it has to do with an â€Å"extreme makeover† or finding the supposed love of your life, reality television has given us the opportunity to become voyeurs in others’ lives. Approximately, 50% of television audiences are watching reality shows (Webster University). Long gone are the days of whole television programs. Today, most reality shows depict women as an object, only defined and valued by their sexuality. What kind of message is this sending to young girls? The purpose of this study is to show that reality television can have a negative effect on teenage girls. This matters because it can lead to the sexualization of young girls. The greater the exposure to reality television, the higher the sexualization of young girls. These findings can be of interest to TV programming executives, who may change their business strategy as a result of our findings. T his research differs from the past in that it focuses solely on girls and not the differences that arise between girls and boys in reality television viewing. Problem of Practice: The sexualization of women in many of today’s reality shows leads to a negative effect on young girls. How girls learn about their value and worth can be greatly impacted by the degrading roles many of these â€Å"reality† stars portray. It sets high unrealistic expectations of the way young girls are supposed to act. Women areShow MoreRelatedThe Reality Of Television Entertainment1572 Words   |  7 PagesReality T.V. is defined as a genre of television entertainment that portrays real-life situations that serves to entertain rather than inform. One of the first reality T.V. shows to air was the Dutch, series Nummer 28, in which 7 students were put together in one house and their everyday interactions between each other were documented. A few years later, shows such as Survivor and Big Brother swept the nation and the radical new idea of Reality T.V. became the next big thing. During its infancyRead MoreThe Negative Effects Of Reality Television1462 Words   |  6 PagesReality television shows are meant to portray the essence of reality. These shows are created to show the audiences about all the different life situations that they can relate to with their own lives. Thus, reality should be the main component of these shows, however, that is not always the case. Reality shows are staged productions that are affecting society in many ways. The primary component that distinguishes reality-based programs from similar forms of entertainment including traditionalRead MoreThe Reality Of Television Shows1276 Words   |  6 Pages This Is What The Reality Of TV Is. The popularity of reality TV shows lately do not amaze me, in the society today, people admire excessive pride than high moral standards. A lot of shows which need to be cancelled portray and teach a lot of bad behaviors. Although these reality TV shows may make us laugh or even amaze us with its characters, who are bad influences to the society especially children. These shows gives us a picture of how people are drasticallyRead MoreTeenage Girls and Body Image Essay1291 Words   |  6 PagesTeenage girls are at an impressionable time in their lives. Mass Media is a key idea in one of the factors of socialization that become important to teenagers. Teenagers look to the media for a sense of entertainment. Whether it is movies, magazines, or even some aspects of social media, teenagers get a lot of influence from the media’s message. The problem with this is the media has a specific way of doing things and can be negative to a susceptible teenage girl. Media’s way of portraying a womanRead MoreReality Shows : Helping Or Hurting Teenage Girls?1370 Words   |  6 PagesPrincess Leia Youmans English 122 Sather February 25, 2017 Reality Shows: Helping or Hurting Teenage Girls?   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  While teenage pregnancy has been on the rise in America since the 1950’s, researchers have been trying to look for an ideal solution that will help solve the problem by declining teenage birth rates. Perhaps there is a potential solution after all. What could this solution possibly be? Well, it might be as simple as the reality shows â€Å"16 and Pregnant† and â€Å"Teen Mom† on the MTV networkRead MoreThe Decline in Morality in Reality Television Essay933 Words   |  4 Pagestoday. It is known as reality television. Reality television has been around for a while, but has changed tremendously. The first â€Å"reality† shows were considered good and wholesome for the entire family. Now, many of these shows are not appropriate for children. Even though reality television may seem to be harmless, it has created a culture where people are encouraged to be impolite, dangerous, and lazy. The â€Å"reality television† genre has existed almost as long as television itself. One of theRead MoreThe Effects Of Television On Today s Society1550 Words   |  7 PagesTelevision has greatly evolved since the 1950s, and has become a part of most American households over the years. Today’s society has turned to television for a variety of purposes including; entertainment, intellectual growth, and as a way to stay updated with what is going on in our society. While these seem like all positive aspects that have come with the progression of television, there are also negative components that have a direct affect on today’s society. Therefore this paper will discussRead MoreThe Media Has A Negative Effect On Women1338 Words   |  6 Pagesinculcates into our minds are the things that we contemplate very often. Every time we see a celebrity or a model on television or a magazine we want to be just like them. Sadly, we cannot be like them, as much as we tri ed. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and we cannot define beauty based on what the media portrays even though many women do so. The media has a negative effect on women and throughout the years we have been trying to have that â€Å"ideal† body according to the media through surgicalRead MoreThe Media s Influence On Women1659 Words   |  7 Pagesbehavior as well. Women on television are constantly fighting, backstabbing, and being obnoxious in attempts to be recognized in the celebrity world. The media is the leading outlet to the people of the world. It affects everybody whether you want to believe it or not. Body dissatisfaction is defined as â€Å"a negative subjective evaluation of the weight and shape of one’s own body†. (Eating Disorders). Body dissatisfaction is very common in women, but more in young girls. The media portrays women asRead MoreThe Between Media And Body Image1348 Words   |  6 Pagesdiscrimination, and condemnation. The thin idea l has been constructed by the society and by the media. But women are affected that kind of construction. Mass media give narrow definition about the standard of beauty. Delis noticed this massage everywhere, especially in the media, â€Å"I am so affected by Glamour magazine and Vogue and all that; I’m looking at all these beautiful women. They’re thin. I want to be just as beautiful. I want to be just as thin. Because that is what guys like† (Hesse-Biber

Write Up on Detection of Fraud Free Essays

string(34) " tend to show negative attitudes\." DETECTION OF FRAUD (A Study on the Relations of Fraud Detection, Redress and Reporting by Auditors, Protecting against Fraud Detection: the Case of Auditors and the Effect of Auditors Personality) Prepared by:- _________________________________________________________________________ PREFACE The objective of this assignment is to promote critical thinking on to what extent auditors comply with auditing standards once they encounter fraud and auditors’ compliance on managing fraud, the debate on auditors’ negligence when it comes to fraud and the side effects of fraud detection towards personality. A selection of three articles that were chosen in identifying and subsequently analyse the impact of fraud towards an individual, group or within an organisation. The three articles are:- * Protecting against Detection: The Case of Auditors and Fraud? * Fraud detection, redress and reporting by auditors, * Fraud Risk Assessment and Detection of Fraud: The Moderating Effect of Personality. We will write a custom essay sample on Write Up on Detection of Fraud or any similar topic only for you Order Now The objective for this assignment is to aim on the relationship between the auditors’ ability to assess fraud risk and the ability to detect the likelihood of fraud. Also, this study considers the overall trend of development and the prospects for future changes regarding the auditor’s fraud detection responsibilities. INTRODUCTION Most of the individuals feel that auditors fail to comply with some important elements of fraud standards. Fraud represents a significant and challenging issue throughout the accounting profession practically almost everywhere in the world. Dramatic financial scandals often takes place as soon after companies received apparent â€Å"green light† from their auditors have kept the issue of fraud and the responsibility for its detection closely relate to auditors in particular. Auditors are required by the auditing standards to provide reasonable assurance that the financial statements are free from any misstatements. Inability to accomplish so particularly fraud may expose the auditors to litigation. The detection of fraud is the most important portion of the auditor’s duties. Therefore, auditors should assiduously cultivate this branch of their activities. (Dicksee, 1990). Whenever there is a sudden alarm and collapse within the company, people tend to assume that the auditors negligently failed to spot something was wrong and the auditors failed to solve the issue. Detection of fraud is no longer the principal audit objective but rather the subsidiary to the determination of the truth and fairness of corporate financial statements. This development in stated audit objectives is often portrayed as a process of natural, uncontroversial evolution in which professional guidance came to meet changing public expectations and circumstances (Tricker, 1982). The growth in the size of business, the assumption of corporate management of a greater responsibility for fraud detection and a broad acceptance of the increasingly uneconomic nature of audit-based fraud detection are usually identified as the main causes of the changing nature of audit responsibilities (CACA, 1986). CENTRAL ISSUES PROBLEMS When it comes to redress, it relates to the auditee taking measures situations where fraud has been detected. Given the existing standards on the role of auditors in fraud situations, the existence performance gap in this context can be due to several factors, including the lack of knowledge or competence on how to act once corporate fraud is detected, lack of care in following protocol or the lack of independence of the auditor possibly because conflicting of interest. Given the sensitive nature of fraud reporting towards the society’s expectations, compliance with fraud standards is crucial nowadays. 56% from recent surveys said that expectations of auditors rely on the auditor’s duty to detect fraud, while 42% believed that it is the responsibility to search actively for fraud (Steen, 1990). The issue of fraud is very essential for public accountants and auditors because litigation actions may be taken against them should they not be able to detect fraud during the conduct of the audit. Take for example when Xerox was sanctioned for overstating earnings by US$3 billion, its auditor KPMG was liable for US$22 million in penalties (Ettradge, Sun, Lee Anandarajan, 2005). The present scenario is an extension whereby study shown that the effect of the auditors’ ability to assess fraud risk on their ability to detect the likelihood of fraud. High fraud risk scenario, the auditors’ ability to assess fraud risk has positive effect on their ability to detect the likelihood of fraud, whereas in a low fraud risk scenario not. Adding to that study, another factor which is the personality may affect the ability to detect the likelihood of fraud. The study predicts that there might be other factor that affects the auditor’s job performance that is in the ability to detect the likelihood of fraud. LITERATURE REVIEW The present study predicts that personality might have only moderating effect on the fraud detection ability. The present study illustrates and examines Big-5 factors of personality that are neuroticism, extraversion, conscientiousness, openness to experience and agreeableness because these factors are the basic dimensions of personality and it is predominantly viewed that many personality traits are subsumed under these five categories. This shows that personality does influence job performance and by investigating the moderating affects of the personality factors on the relationship between the auditors’ ability to assess fraud risk and their ability to detect the likelihood of fraud. Attribution Theory This theory suggests that the level of future expected performance, in a particular task depends mainly on the particular causes to which prior success or failure in the same task is attributed. This theory is appropriate because there is a need to assess the causal attribution of the auditors’ performance, i. e: ability to detect the likelihood of fraud. With this study, the level of the future expected liability to detect the likelihood of fraud is attributed by the auditors’ prior ability to assess the level of fraud risk. Five-factor Theory 1. Neuroticism as a personality trait * This study shows that auditors who are high on neuroticism will not be able to perform effectively in their job as compared to those who are low on neuroticism, because those with high neuroticism tend to show negative attitudes. You read "Write Up on Detection of Fraud" in category "Papers" With such attitudes demonstrate, the auditors may not be able to appropriately detect the likelihood of fraud. In any fraud situation, high on neuroticism would diminish the relationship between the ability to assess the risk and the ability to detect fraud altogether. . Extraversion as a personality trait * When a person is experiencing positive emotions, it may influence them to perform well in their job. In any risk situation, high on extraversion would have positive influence on the relationship between the auditors’ ability to assess fraud risk. 3. Conscientiousness as a personality trait * Individuals with high level of consc ientiousness may be able to perform well in the job because of the characters such as organized and reliable are important facets for carrying out the audit work. 4. Openness to experience as a personality trait * An auditor is more open to experience; he/she should be more able to detect the likelihood of fraud. Possessing traits such as intellectually curious, behaviorally flexible and nondogmatic in attitude and values can be considered as essential to conduct risk. 5. Agreeableness as a personality trait * Auditor who demonstrates high level of agreeableness in his/her personality such as cooperativeness, trustfulness and adaptability would make them more competent in performing the jobs. METHODOLOGY The information pertaining to the study on the role of auditors in fraud cases, survey was conducted among audit partners of Dutch firms. The questionnaire contained three questions which were:- 1. Questions relating to the features of the fraud cases auditors had experienced in the period. 2. Questions on the reporting and redress of the fraud cases 3. Questions on the perceived role of auditor in the redress process. The overall respond is satisfactory, especially considering the sensitive nature of the study. Secondly, in the study of the personality traits, two levels of ability to assess fraud risk and two levels of each dimension of personality factor. The factors of personality are neuroticism, extraversion, conscientiousness, openness to experience and agreeableness. The study also practicing the independent auditors registered in Malaysia, designated as audit partner or audit manager who are attached to the auditing firms in Malaysia. FINDINGS Most auditors who do have experience eliminated fraud believe that fraud detection and process are often significant in order to minimize risk. Auditors reporting of fraud according to the fraud standards and regulations are defined as below. 1. Reporting to management. – As soon as auditors detect fraud or receive signals that could interpret as such, the auditor needs to report this to management in writing. 2. Reporting to the supervisory Board. – auditing standards explicitly required certain types of fraud to be reported in writing to the supervisory board such as cases of management fraud, cases of material fraud, and cases whereby management refuses to redress the fraud. 3. The redress process. – when the auditor has detected fraud and management has not yet taken appropriate steps to redress the effects of fraud, the auditor is required to demand that the fraud be redressed, i. e. the consequences of the fraud have to be rectified as far as possible and recurrence needs to be prevented. 4. Auditor resignation. – The auditing standards allowed auditor to resign from the assignment of the fraud but required the auditor to resign if the case of material fraud was not redressed. 5. External reporting of fraud. Finally, the auditing standards state that when material fraud discovered during a statutory audit has not been redressed by the audit client within a reasonable time frame, the auditor is not only required to resign from the engagement, but also to notify the dedicated government agency. Such procedure also plus the expansion of auditor’s fraud detection responsibilities by assuming of willingness to play more active role in ass essing and reporting on the adequacy of the company’s system and internal controls. Matters that should take into consideration when considering the disclosure is justified in the public interest may include: * Fraud irregularities is likely to result in material gain or loss that effect a large number of people, * The extent to which non-disclosure of fraud is likely to enable it to be repeated with impunity, * Whether there is general management ethos within the entity of flouting the law and regulations, * The weight of evidence and the auditor’s assessment of the likelihood that fraud has been committed. CONCLUSION In attempting to interpret and understand changing audit responsibilities, there would appear to be much to be gained by moving beyond traditional rationalizations of a profession responding directly to public demands. Various changes can be regarded as reflective of the conflicting, political nature of a self-regulated accounting profession and the outcomes dependent on the profession’s pursuit of professional interests and the profession’s attempts to manage the interplay between its own interests and any competing public duties and obligations. It is right to acknowledge that public expectation that auditors should report suspected fraud was reasonable. It is recommended that auditors should be given greater encouragement to report whatever that is necessary and fit in reporting fraud detection. Additionally, it emphasized the role of internal control in the prevention and detection of fraud and suggested that where there was a legal responsibility for internal control systems, auditors should have a formal duty to report on their adequacy. Changes in the law would have a statutory duty to report suspected fraud at the same time. It stated that auditors should be left at â€Å"liberty to report cases of fraud to the authorities without statutory backing† and that any change in the current position could be accomplished through revising the ethical guidance to auditors on professional conduct. Auditors have the duties to the rest of the community of which they are part and they owe to the community a more compelling duty which must on occasion take first place. Public expectation must be given full weight in all matters (Accountancy Age, 12 December 1985). In developing auditing guidance concerning to fraud, three considerations have proved dominant: * The relative responsibilities of management and auditors for the prevention and detection of fraud, other illegal acts and irregularities and errors; * The conduct of an audit in order to have a reasonable expectations of detecting significant misstatements; * The action to be taken when errors are discovered. With respect to the prevention and detection, all proposed guidance has emphasized the paramount responsibility of management, with the auditor’s responsibility being couched consistently in terms of materiality and the truth and fairness of the financial statements. The role of auditors is to properly plan, perform and evaluate his/her audit work so as to have a reasonable expectation of detecting material misstatements in the financial statements, whether they are caused by fraud, irregularities or errors. LIMITATIONS Auditors in any circumstances have no duty to act as an informer to the extent where it would jeopardise or destroy the trust and confidentiality on which it felt that auditing depended. The use of word â€Å"informer† indicates a somewhat dismissive attitude to the possibility of breaking the confidential relationship with the management or public’s expectation. Considerable resistance among auditors to the ideas that they should accept a general responsibility to detect fraud or extend their reporting responsibilities in the interest of the public. Whether changing audit responsibilities concerning detection of fraud come voluntarily or statutorily, such changes need to be based on greater awareness and continuing public investigation of the operation and capabilities of the audit function is this regard. Otherwise, it would anticipate that the position in the future will be with nfortunate, be little different in the roles and responsibilities of the accountancy profession towards the public interest. REFERENCES 1. Fraud Detection, Redress and Reporting by Auditors by Harold Hassink, Roger Meuwissen and Lauren Bollen. 2. Protecting against Detection: The Case of Auditors and fraud? By Christopher Humphrey and Stuart Turley. 3. Fraud Risk Assessment and Detection of Fraud: The Moderating Effect of Personality by Nahariah Jaffar, Hasnah Haro n, Takiah Mohd Iskandar and Arfah Salleh. How to cite Write Up on Detection of Fraud, Papers

College Students Behavior on Used Textbooks †

Question: Discuss about the College Students Behavior on Used Textbooks. Answer: Introduction: Student life period is a tough time during everybody lives. During this period there are a lot of uncertainties such as what to do when graduate or even how to pay your bills for the next month. Most likely, during this period of live, money is a constantly concern and being able to save some and avoid expending it, comes with certain priority. At the begging of every semester, there is the necessity to buy a few books, some very expensive for a student income, therefore one option that is not well used is to buy second hand books. Thispurchase option does not cost as much as a brand-new book and it fits well to the issue of money. Buying and/or selling second hand booksto students through an online channel is a good business opportunity. There is room for business in this market whereas a company can earnprofits on considerable number of books supply. Another positive factor in this type of business is that an organizationcan earn the profit from both buyers and seller. A student most likely will buy a used book in good conditions for his/her new semester but at the same time will sell the books that are no longer needed. Students who buy the book will wish to sell them on next semester. This cycle will repeat until the person has graduated. In this sense, an organization in this market is a communication channel for buyer s and sellers. Business Opportunity Description To conduct a business focusing on that market, we identified that the initial investment is consisted in developing and maintain an online website and a physical space whereas the customer would leave and pick up the books; also with a possibility to develop an app in the future.No, other operational costs are involved. At the initial stage two partners can easily manage the business (Besser and Miller, 2010). As a target market, the business can focus initially into college students in Montreal area at the beginning. Gradually it can explore other levels of education markets, such as universities, masters and doctorates etc. One important aspect of the business is regarding the delivery of books after the deal is closed. The first idea is for the organization to have a physical space whereas the customers, first the seller would leave the book and later the buyer would pick up the book. This way company will not have to spend much on supply chain and. Eventually with the growth in business, having a delivery system can be incorporated, but for that to take place, the business must have solid volume of exchanges. Regarding legal aspects on the business of selling and buying used books, there are no implication. However, the organization must have its registration and all legal requirements to be fully functioning, just like any other business. A buyer/seller must have an account valid with the organization whereas it is obliged to agree with the terms and conditions of the business. This makes necessary to guarantee legal contract between organization and costumers (buyer/seller) (Taylor, 2010). The organization will make a tie-up with online payment system to receive the payment through online channel. There are many online payment platforms are available in the market form which any one can be chosen based on the requirement. The organization can provide many options for payment, such as:online payment, transfers or UPI. Cash on delivery option can be risky and costly at this point of time and is not seeing as a desired option. Problems Identification Several problems can be identified regarding the business opportunity. Issues related to creating, managing, financing etc. Some of the problems already identified are listed below: Promoting the business idea among college students focusing on gaining students confidence. Most of the students like to check the books condition before buying it. Therefore, the businesswill have to ensure it. For the initial phase of the business, the organization can offer to buy few books to guarantee quality. The business will have to do some market research to know the probable volume of exchanges on the year. Registering the organization will demand time and formalities. At the same time, signing contract with sellers after verifying their books quality will also require some efforts. The business needs to choose the payment solutions based on the volume of transactions. The business needs to understand better its customers and its behaviours. The business needs to develop a fair system on the % charged on every transaction to guarantee customer satisfaction. Developing website and managing all online needs, such as: confidentiality, access, servers, database management, developing user friendly homepage and others. Research Objectives To solve and answer some of the problems and issues listed above, it was identified the need to conduct a survey with the potential customers. This survey was developed and created with focus on LaSalle College students and had the objective of answering the questions below: Who are the potential customers of the business? Where they come from? What is their field of studies? What volume exchange can be expected at the initial phase of the business? Are students willing to buy used books online? What is their source of income? What is done with the book after the student does not need it anymore? There were several other questions, but at this initial stage of understanding the customers, the decision made was not to make the survey too long. For that reason, the research was 15 questions long and covered the above items. One of the elements of the research design that was applied for conducting research is qualitative descriptive research. The research method chosen was a survey consisting of a questionnaire with 15 questions about the buying behaviors and the opinions that potential customers have regarding the used textbooks. The conduction of the research was made through an internet website known as kwik surveys ( since it is free, user friendly and easy to manage and process results.Once the questionnaire was prepared, a link with the survey online address was spread through email to all the students to participate. The survey was conducted from Nov 12th to Nov 18th 2017 and was answered by 64 people, which composes the sample size and the sample unit as one person. Since this survey was conducted in a format which the person answering did not have to identified him/herself, it is not possible to determine what is the sample frame. The sampling was made using random technique since all College LaSalle students could`ve answered it. The probability of being selected is not high, but for this study focusing on identifying the potential viability of the business, it is believed that the sample reflects the population behavior. Survey Results The research results (appendices 1) present that 78% of the people are17 to 25 years old, being 98% of the sample composed by people under 35 years old. 44% of them come from Asia, 40% are Americans (thereof: 27% Latin and South America; 13% Canada and US). Most of the people that participate on the survey, 65%, are at Business Management and Accounting programs. The remaining amount, 35%, are spread among Tourism and Hotel Management, Fashion, Insurance, Early Childhood Education and Social Science programs. The findings show us that 92% of the students had to buy books on their last academic year, in which 56% of them bought up to 3 books and an additional 39% of them bought up to 7 books. The most common way to acquire the books is through a physical store, 79%. Online purchase method consists around 16%. Around 52% of the respondents have never bought second hands books, while 66% of them never heard about an application to buy it online.At the same time, 73% are willing to sell their used books, so it will be a favorable result if there is a business application for people to try. About 59% of the people keep their textbooks after they have no longer used it and 73% of them are willing to sell their books after they are finished with it and 53% of them would be using an online platform to negotiate it. Some people even comment that they burn the books or throw them away to the trash after they are done with it. The weighted average for people that would be likely to use an app or a specific homepage to sell the used books is 3.62 out of 5. Also, it was identified that 61% of the students work during their studies. The most common source of paying tuition fess is with the help of parents, 48%, the remaining amount of people has its tuition fees funding based either their work, 18%, with a loan 5% or they do not pay tuition fees, around 25%. Project Limitations The first limitation identified was a possibility to sample mistake occur as if one person answered more than once the survey; this could characterize bias to the conclusions. The was no tool available to avoid this fact to occur, although this should not affect the conclusions. The sample size is minor compared to the total population and it is not likely that the same student would spend time to answer more than once the survey given the period the survey was taken, from Nov 12th to Nov 18th 2017, it is exam period on College LaSalle and time is in shortage. Second limitation is regarding the sample size. 64 people participated on the survey. College LaSalle has over thousands of students and the amount of 64 people answering it represents a low percentage on the total. Despite it, due to the typical characteristics of students behavior tending to repeat, it is believed the answers of those 64 people, do represent the majority. Conclusions Subsequently to analyzing the results on the proposed survey, it is concluded that there is a business opportunity to commercialize second-hand books to college students. Correlation between the questions and answers enables us to conclude that. First important data that shows that the potential market size is almost all students, 92%, since thats the percentage of respondents that have the need to buy a book during the academic year and 52% would buya second-hand book. Montreal area has over thousands of students that have the same needs despite of theinstitution they attend to. Second key factor is the potential revenue. The result enables us to conclude that overall, the average books bought by students per year is around 5, which valuing it by an average of $ 30.00 dollars per book, in a conservative view, would be a total of $ 150.00 dollars per student per year. Simulating a scenario with 1.000 student/customers, the amounts sum up to revenues of around $ 150.000 dollars per year. Figures based on conservative assumptions. On the other hand, there will be a need to invest in advertising since most of the people never heard about this type of business. Also, an additional effort must be done to encourage people to negotiate their books online throughout the platform, either home page or app. Despite of the fact that 92% of the people must buy a book for their studies, 59% of them keep their books after they are finished with it. Those respondents represent the suppliers for the business. A special effort must be done to encourage more people to commercialize their books. Although, it does represent additional effort on convincing people, the fact that most of the respondents need aid to finance their tuition fees is positive. Commercializing your used books would represent a potential additional income as well as expenses avoidance in the moment of purchasing a book. As a recommendation, it is necessary to mention that before going live with this project a business case that contains finance simulations, investments, potential revenues, potential costs etc, must be done. It is not advised taking decisions without it. Also, it is extremely necessary to develop the terms and conditions the customers will agree upon their registration with the business. This is extremely important to guarantee the business protection and the sense of fairness to all customers that process exchanges with the business. References Besser, T. L., Miller, N. J. (2010). The significance of customer base in the new economy: Satisfaction and perceptions of success among small suppliers and small nonsuppliers.Journal of Small Business Management,48(1), 1-15. Taylor, C. R. (2010). Integrated marketing communications in 2010 and beyond. The International Journal of Advertising, 29 (2),161-164

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As You Sow so Shall You Reap free essay sample

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